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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our firm’s activities, which is why we would like to ask you a few questions in order to fully understand your needs and continue to support you as effectively as possible.

Estimated time to complete this survey: 5 minutes

    How did you hear about us?

    How would you rate the quality of our reception during the first contact and the initial information gathering?

    Which member of our team was responsible for your file?

    Which service(s) did you use:

    On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, how would you rate the overall quality of legal services provided?

    Did we make you feel comfortable?

    Did we listen to you and understand your needs?

    Did we respond in a timely manner to your requests for legal services?

    Did we keep you informed as your case progressed?

    Were you informed about the different strategies available?

    Were you fully prepared to testify?

    Did we use clear and precise language?

    Did the result meet your expectations?

    Did our explanations give you a good understanding of the legal risks associated with your file?

    If the need arose, would you do business with us again?

    How likely would you be to recommend our services to a friend or family member?

    Other comments or suggestions

    We thank you for the time you spent on our satisfaction survey.

    The Brunet & Associates Inc. team