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You are looking for the safest method to draft your will. Among the three types of wills, the notarial will has the most advantages for the testator. This type of will is registered at the Registre des dispositions testamentaires of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec and offers numerous advantages: confidential, faster settlement of the estate, original copy kept in a safe place, saves money, most effective and protects your loved ones. READ, our article on the different types of wills.

Marriage and Civil Union

You wish to have a civil marriage. Choosing to have a Notary as officiant gives the future spouses more choices in regards to the location where the ceremony will be held. A marriage involves many legal consequences and professional advice in the matter could be wise. READ, our article about marriage before a Notary.

Common-law Spouses

You are living as common-law spouses. The rights of couples living as common-law spouses are not the same as those of married couples. In fact, common-law spouses are more vulnerable in case of separation or death of the other spouse. It is therefore very useful to have a cohabitation agreement and a will to avoid any ambiguity in case of separation or death. READ, our article on common-law spouses.

Estate (Succession)

You are nominated as liquidator of the estate. As liquidator, you have an important responsibility in regards to the liquidation of the estate. You must make an inventory of the property and debts of the deceased, recover any amounts due, pay any debts, prepare income tax returns, obtain government certificates, prepare a final report and proceed with the division of property according to the deceased person’s wishes or according to the rules of the Québec Civil Code. During these difficult times, you might benefit from professional assistance. READ, our article on estate (succession) liquidation.

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Trustee Wills

Patrimonial Balance Sheet

Estate Settlement

Will Search

Verification of a Non-Notarized Will

Mandate in Anticipation of Incapacity

Power of Attorney

Homologation of Mandate in Anticipation of Incapacity

Acquittance (release)

Any other Non-Contentious Proceedings

Institution of Protective Supervision

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