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Neighborhood Annoyances

Your neighbor causes you many inconveniences. Neighbourhood annoyances are inconveniences of any kind caused by a neighbour. Annoyances between neighbors can relate to views and rights of way, but also to trees and fences, drainage of water, snow and ice on your land and even noise. It is possible to send a « letter of default » to your neighbor so that the inconveniences cease. READ our article on neighborhood annoyances.


You just purchased a property while you are presently still a tenant. Contrary to popular belief, a tenant cannot just break a lease by giving the landlord three months notice. There are only three solutions possible to end your lease legally: reach an agreement with your landlord, sublet your apartment or assign your lease.

Latent Defects

You discover a major defect on your building that prevents you from using it fully or interferes with your enjoyment of the building. You must send the seller a written notice informing him that you have discovered a defect in the building. If the seller refuses to collaborate, you can take him to court as long as you can prove that the defect really existed, was not visible or was unknown at the time of purchase of the building. READ our article on latent defects.

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