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Children’s Rights

Children’s attorney

Representation of Children. In certain cases, the child may be represented by a lawyer and benefits from being heard by an impartial and independent party. This representation is generally favorable since it highlights the child’s needs and wishes in a dispute that concerns him directly.


You want to be adopted by someone close to you who has always acted as a parent for you. It will be sufficient to prove that this person was a parental figure while you were a minor. It is important to mention that this person will have to take the steps while you consent. To learn more, read our article on adult adoption: Did you know that you can adopt an adult?

Child custody

You wish to modify your children’s custody modalities. Depending on their age, your children can express themselves regarding their custody terms. Their desires will be taken into consideration, insofar as they correspond to their interests. After the age of 12 however, your children’s opinion will be a determining factor. To learn more, read our article about child support: Did you know that child support payments do not stop automatically when a child turns 18 ? 

Here is a summary of some our fields of expertise:

Child Custody

Representation of the children in family disputes

International Child Abduction


Consent to care

Emancipation of an adolescent

Child support for an adult child

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