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Elder Law

Access Rights to Grandchildren

Your daughter-in-law/son-in-law prevents you from seeing your grandchildren. Parents cannot prevent grandchildren from having a relationship with their grandparents, unless there is a serious reason. If it is difficult or impossible for you to see your grandchildren because of the parents’ refusal, you can file a motion in Court to obtain access rights to your grandchildren. READ our article on access rights to grandchildren.

Mandate in Anticipation of Incapacity

After an accident, a close relative loses the ability to take care of himself/herself. It may be difficult to determine whether or not a person is incapacitated, for emotional reasons or by lack of knowledge. To do so, you must seek professional advice. This evaluation is a necessary step to putting into place protective supervision or homologating a mandate in anticipation of incapacity. READ our article on mandate in anticipation of incapacity.


A close relative dies. The first thing to look after is funeral arrangements for which the costs are covered by the succession. Depending on the content of the Will, such responsibility may be entrusted to the liquidator. A search must then be done to find out if there is a Will and if this Will is indeed the last one. In the absence of a Will, you must refer to the laws of the civil Code regarding the liquidation of the estate. READ our article on succession.

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Elder Rights

Institution of Protective Supervision

Housing Issues for Seniors

Access Rights to Grandchildren

Consent to care

Liquidation of Estates

Mandate in anticipation of incapacity

Power of Attorney


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