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Did you know that you may be required to pay an alimentary pension to your parents?

Danny is 30 years old and is an only child. He is a civil engineer and earns a good salary in a reputed engineering firm. His mother Gina, 48 years old, just learned from her doctor that from now on, she will not be able to work because of her physical condition related to her disease, multiple sclerosis. Gina’s husband, John, passed away recently in a car accident. Gina was an agriculturist and had no private insurance.

Gina does not know what to do. She can barely afford to pay her mortgage, house insurance, municipal taxes in addition to her groceries with the little money she and John had set aside.

Did you know that even children can be subjected to the obligation to provide support to their parents? While the parents are usually the ones that have to pay an alimentary pension to their children, this obligation is reciprocal. In some cases, namely due to an illness, a handicap or a disability, children may also be required to pay an alimentary pension to their parents. However, the parents in question must be relatives in the direct line and in the first degree of the children. Therefore, this obligation does not apply between grandparents and grandchildren.

Should his mother Gina request so, Danny could be required to provide support for her. Danny could, however, be dispensed from paying alimony to his mother, at least in part, if he offered her to come live with him. Should you face such a situation and need further advice, you should consult a lawyer.