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Preparing your wedding: which budget to provide?

Preparing your wedding: which budget to provide? 

Passing from the flower menu to the wedding invitation, which says marriage stipulates a dollar sign. In order to be prepared for any eventuality, here is 5 tips to avoid ruining yourself !

1. Attention to contracts ! It is important to take the time to read the contracts that you will sign with the florist, the reception room, your caterer, your DJ, etc. They usually contain clauses with these ‘little extras’ ». It’s never nice to get an invoice after the ceremony for an unexpected fee … Speaking of unexpected, did you know that the concept of marriage insurance exists? Knowing that a wedding costs an average of nearly $ 30,000 in Canada, hedging against the risk of cancellations of any kind such as bad weather can be soothing.

2. Set priorities on the elements present at the wedding. Emphasize what is dear to you and drop the superfluous. Not only will your wedding cost you less, but it will be in your image. Take the example of floral arrangements. They are so pretty, but so expensive! Try to vary your selection to lower costs. For example if you like Glorisia that sells for almost $ 60 a flower, you can find other similar flowers, but more affordable.

3. Get inspired on Pinterest with the DIY! You do not have to be an outstanding manual person to make a centerpiece or a guestbook.

4. Take the time to distance yourself from your planning. It can be difficult to see clearly, because a lot of emotions are connected to this day.

5. Make sure you choose the date of the wedding. Your dear half asked you to be engaged in the summer, why not wait two years rather than a year, a question of putting money aside. It is always better to tighten your belt a year before the wedding to pick up money than 4 years after the wedding because of interest!