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5 tips for a successful wedding ceremony


The wedding ceremony

Too short, this activity remains one of the most important for the bride and groom. From the emotional point of view, there are unforgettable aspects. However, there is also a legal issue at the wedding ceremony, which is often taken lightly. In order to be well prepared, here are 5 tips to ensure that the descent of the aisle is successful.

  1. Choose your celebrant. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or a notary, make sure you’re a trusted person. This one will most of the time take care of the legal aspect and it is important that he or she informs himself appropriately. For example, it will be up to him to publish the banns at least 20 days before the wedding date.  In order to leave nothing to chance, do not hesitate to make an appointment with a lawyer or a notary to explain the various issues. Thus, each party is enlightened in front of their rights. You can also read our article on this subject. (https://brunetassocies.com/les-dessous-juridiques-du-mariage/)


  1. The sincerity of the wishes. For some, it is desired to write your own wishes. That said, mastery of the pen is not given to all, so we must not stop ourselves from finding inspirations in poems or other works. The important thing is to find the tone and the words to share with your loved one how it makes you feel.


  1. Perform a repetition. The ceremony is filled with emotion and you can easily lose the thread. If you have already mastered the steps, the rest will proceed instinctively.


  1. The grand entrance / the beginning of the ceremony. All guests are looking forward to this moment. Why not dare a little personal touch? Whether a costume, a decoration or music, you will amaze your guests for sure.


  1. Assign a place or not? It depends on your guests. Is there room for chicanery or bad hearing? If so, be clear in the allocation of seats. For example, you can ask the groomsmen who are already in the room to guide some people to their assigned place.