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Sylvie Beaulieu

After having worked for a large firm and then in private practice, Sylvie Beaulieu joined the Brunet & Associés team at its debut in 2014. She has been working there since then as the person in charge of the management of the firm’s human, administrative, financial and accounting resources.

Thanks to her friendly and professional personality, she knows how to quickly establish a bond of trust between clients and all members of the team, while also ensuring the diligent management of all of the firm’s resources.

In her spare time, our so-called “office guardian angel” loves girls’ dinners and spending time with her granddaughter whenever she can. Also, for those of you who travel a lot, you may come across her somewhere on one of her many road trips!

Contact Information

(514) 326-4553, ext. 116
(514) 326-4554