What is family mediation ? Family mediation can help you negotiate an agreement on an amicable basis, in the interest of all family members, and can also help reduce legal costs. The agreement may cover child custody, child support, division of assets and any other disagreement in regards to the separation. It is important to understand that everything that is said or written during mediation remains confidential and cannot be repeated or filed in court if the negotiations fail.

What is the mediation process ? Firstly, the mediator explains his/her role and the process, evaluates your situation, helps you to identify the topics and asks you to sign a mediation contract which outlines the rules. In subsequent sessions, the mediator will assist you in resolving the specific topics. Once the sessions are complete, the mediator writes a report on all the elements you will have agreed upon.

What are the costs related to mediation ? To promote family mediation, since 2012, the government pays the fees of certified family mediator. Therefore, you could be eligible to 5 hours of free professional services, if you are in the process of separating or 2 hours 30 minutes, if you already have an agreement or court judgment but wish to have it reviewed, if you have already received family mediation services, or if you have already obtained a judgment ordering separation from bed and board (legal separation).

Here is a summary of some our fields of expertise :

  • Information Session and Mediation
  • Drafting of Agreements