Because the Law has a Human Side.

From Family Law to Civil Law, Brunet & Associés Montreal Lawyers is there for you

At Brunet & Associés, our focus is on the daily lives of Quebec families, with all of its highs and lows. Given the sensitive subjects that arise from Family Law and Civil Law, we believe that professional advice paired with an attentive ear are indispensable.


Brunet & Associés | Avocats Montréal is composed of a team of professionals whose experience is equal to its reputation and recognition in the legal community. Receiving advice from Brunet & Associés means benefitting from a team of lawyers whose majority:

  • Up to twenty five (25) years of experience
  • Comes from diverse backgrounds (private practices, DYP, legal aid, Community Centers and Social Workers and others);
  • Pursued a university course including the completion of graduate studies;
    (Juris Doctor in North American Common Law; Masters in Family Law and Children’s Rights)
  • Is able to render services in four (4) languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian);

Our firm is therefore committed to offer you an honest and personalized approach as well as providing you with advice and solutions to ensure that your rights and interests are respected, depending on the environment from which you originate. We are confident that our experienced professionals in all aspects of family and civil law will adequately advise and represent you.


Our goal is to make Family law and Civil law more accessible to the population. To do so, we practice in all the judicial districts of Quebec. Furthermore, we are proud to partner with social stakeholders of great stature, such as numerous :

  • Group of Affiliated Trade Unions;
  • Early Childhood Centres;
  • Health Professionals Associations;
  • Women Shelters;
  • Police Forces;
  • Small and Medium Size Companies;
  • Public and Private Employers;

Thanks to our credentials, you will find, at Brunet & Associés, lawyers willing to partner with you to support and guide you through the efficient management of conflicts that may arise in the context of your personal life… Because the Law has a Human Side.

*Opening soon, on the west side of Montreal Island, Laval and next to Quartier Dix30.