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The role of the notary in the purchase of a property

Congratulations, your offer to purchase a home has been accepted! You’re one step closer to the property of your dreams. To complete your purchase, you will need to find a notary who will accompany you throughout your process and will take care of several administrative tasks for you. First, the […]

(FR) Préparer son mariage: quel budget prévoir?

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(FR) Tout savoir sur le testament olographe

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(FR) Les dessous juridiques: le mariage

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Inside a family mediator’s mind – Session 3

Alex has not even been sitting for a few sitting that he already says : “I cannot stand receiving any more text messages. Mary constantly textes me”. Asking her questions, Mary admits inquiring with Alex of Julia’s daily situation. For example, she asked him which snack he has served her, […]

Médiatrice familiale

Inside a family mediator’s mind – Session 2

Mary and Alex arrive at my office separately. They follow me in silence to our family mediation table. Mediator: How was your week ? Mary rapidly intervenes and says “terrible”. She explains that Alex did not return Julia until 10 pm on Sunday evening. Alex jumps in and justifies himself […]

Droit des aînés

Did you know that it’s important not to wait too long before signing your will and/or your protection mandate?

Normand is 70 years old and feels at the top of his game. He has been postponing the moment when he would have to prepare his will and protection mandate. He knows very well that these documents are not only useful, but also essential, but he keeps telling himself that […]

Droit de l'enfant

Inside a family mediator’s mind – Session 1

Mary and Alex are nervous. They don’t know what to expect from mediation. Right away, Alex takes the floor and explains that he has only accepted to be present in the hope of seeing his daughter again as soon as possible. Mediator: Mediation provides a space-time for the couple to […]


Did you know that life insurance may not be considered an asset in the estate ?

Thomas’s mother passed away last spring. According to her last will, she left all her possessions to her son, Thomas, and appointed him as liquidator. His mother also held a $100,000.00 life insurance for which she designated her son as sole beneficiary. When preparing his mother’s estate inventory, Thomas finds […]


Did you know that without a will, your children inherit a larger share of your property than your spouse?

Juliette and Antoine have been married for five years. They have two young children who are 2 and 4 years old. They are co-owners of a charming house which Antoine, a construction contractor, has built himself. For her part, Juliette stays at home and devotes her time to raising their […]



Jihane has much to be proud of: after several years of planning, last July she bought her dream condominium and became a first-time homeowner. She has a wonderful three-and-a-half with a balcony that overlooks the downtown skyscrapers. Although the condo is not new, Jihane is usually very handy, and she […]

Patrimoine familial

Did you know that you have Recourse against your Spouse for Squandering Family Patrimony Assets?

Joseph and Renée have been married for 15 years. Joseph is a compulsive gambler and alcoholic, and this creates big problems in their marital union. For years, he has been promising his wife that he will stop gambling and do something about his drinking problem. This year, the situation deteriorates: […]

Annulation de mariage

Who can Request the Annulment of Marriage?

During a foreign trip, Florence meets Anis. It is love at first sight, and the two lovers keep a long-distance relationship going for several years. In 2015, they decide to marry, with Anis moving to Québec to live with his future spouse. In January, Anis and Florence marry in a […]

Septembre Brunet et Associés | Avocats

Did you know that you benefit from a warranty against hidden defects?

After searching for a long time, Myriam finally finds the house of her dreams: a single-family home with a garage and an in-ground swimming pool. Once the inspection completed, she decides to sign the deed of sale and she moves into the property with her two daughters. A year later, […]

Juin Brunet et Associés | Avocats

Did you know that all children have the same rights and obligations, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, including children born of assisted reproduction?

Oliver and Arthur have been together for nearly 10 years. Being well established in their careers, they feel ready to start a family together. Lana, the couple’s closest friend, having already given birth to two beautiful children of her own, has always maintained that it would give her great pleasure […]

Retraire Brunet et Associés | Avocats

Did you know that a Mandate given in anticipation of incapacity allows you to specify your wishes regarding your dwelling?

Norma, 75, is a very active lady who is involved in her community. She is signed up in all sort of activities: swimming, gardening, cooking, painting, yoga – she never stops! Since the passing of her husband, she lives alone in her country house. Her home is a haven of […]